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Who are our clients?

Funds (private equity, private credit, distressed, real estate, hedge funds)

Asset Managers

Independent Sponsors & Direct Investor Groups

Family Offices  (Single & Multi)

Investment Banking Advisory Firms

Portfolio Companies of our Clients

Small to mid-sized Placement Agents

Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation (SPAC) Sponsor Groups

The profiles of our typical manager clients fall into three primary categories...
Rows of Pillars



AUM $2bn+

These managers are often understaffed during stressful and busy times (e.g. fundraising periods) and thus, partner with us on special projects such as annual investor meetings, broken processes, new-fund builds and funds in wind-down.

City Sky



AUM $100mm - $2bn

This is the bread and butter of our business. These managers often do not have investor relations in-house, or if they do, it is a shared or junior resource. They may have a fundraising professional or hired a placement agent. They are close to or already operating in the institutional investor world. They want to engage in more institutional investor relations practices, but do not necessarily need an expensive full-time professional. We partner with them to act as an extension of their team and provide the full scope of investor relations services (e.g. fully retained engagements, investor marketing materials and content, special projects, investor letters and reporting, LP servicing, LPAC meetings etc.)

Deserted Road

Startup & Emerging Managers

AUM $0-$100mm

The operating model for any startup or emerging manager is outsourcing across the board. We partner with pedigreed and experienced portfolio managers in this space, to help them launch or pre-market their fund and firm with a polished narrative and marketing materials.  We also engage with them on an advisory basis, to help them understand best-practice in investor relations and how they need to prepare for capital raising.

The top 3 reasons clients call us...




To outsource all or aspects of their investor relations function including fundraising execution and management, client service, project implementation and investor communications.

To build or overhaul their primary investor presentation - develop the narrative, build out and fine-tune the content, overhaul and develop design, graphics and charts, and coach them on their presentation delivery.


To take on their annual investor meetings - planning, development and execution - both from an event and content perspective.


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